Why I Refuse to Give You a CD of Photos

            I hear it all the time.... "Hi I am looking for info on a session and I also am wondering if you offer CD's with my finished photos?". No, no I do not offer CD's with photos, and here is why:

Do you remember being a kid and watching your favourite movie on those good old VHS players? Oh, the joys of having to rewind that thing over and over to get your movie to the start. Or when you went back too far and now you had to watch all the previews or spend that extra few minutes trying to get it right where you wanted it. I am so happy to say that I got to skip out on this technology with my kids when they came along, instead we got DVDs. And with those DVD's I ran into problems. Ever get a scratch so bad in a DVD or CD that it wouldn't play or skipped at your favourite part? Oh, I have and let's just say it sucks! Technology is currently moving at a fast rate and with this fast pace, some things just become outdated. For example, VHS became outdated once the DVD player became more popular and even DVDs and CDs are becoming less of a thing with instant download and streaming. Now even when you buy a Disney DVD they give you a digital copy of it, they must be on to something :) Have you looked lately to buy a new computer? Have you noticed even computers are not being built without CD-ROMS readers?

Now back to my original post. Why do I not give CDs/DVDs, easy its outdated technology and I want you to be able to access your photos in 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years. My goal as a photographer is to create something for you and your family to keep and love for years to come. Not to be put onto a CD/DVD to be scratched or stored away in an old drawer. Now I bet you are wondering how in the heck do you get your photos. I offer all clients an online gallery where they are able to print, save and share their photos from. Quick, fast and simple! No messing around waiting for a CD/DVD in the mail or losing it down the road. If you wanted to  you could put those photos onto a disc... Not sure why,  but you could :)