A Video From My Hardest Clients Yet

Yes that is the title of this post, it's a video of the hardest clients I have ever had to do a shoot with. They wouldn't listen and kept saying "No more photos!!!" and "Are we done yet". The excitement was there before the session, you know the build up of doing something cool and being part of something that was going to be made into a short video clip. Everyone was all for the session until 15 mins into it.... Oh they cried and complained that it was a bad idea and they just wanted to go home! I even got yelled at by a 2 year old that day, she said "No more photos mommy! Go away!". Oh boy!!! My kids are the worst for photos. Maybe it's due to the fact I always have a camera in my hand ready to snap away and they are by far my favourite subject to capture. Anyways, I was able to make it through the session with amazing results. So I present to you a video clipping into my world, my life, and my children (the hardest clients EVER).