Welcoming New Starts

I know by now most of us are sick of looking at the fluffy white stuff that’s just outside our doors, that lovely stuff called snow!!! It seems right now this stuff will never go away and we will be stuck in an eternity of never ending SNOW!!! As I am writing this post I am watching snowflakes the size of pennies fall from the clouds above. OK so maybe we are not really stuck in a never-ending eternity of snow, but it sure feels like it right now. Over the last few months we have been dealing with short days, long nights and loads of snow (And more snow). It plays a toll on you after awhile, not being able to get outside for some well needed fresh air and sun… (Oh good old sun how I miss you). And it seems the only time you are able to get outside during the day is when you are stuck shovelling the drive way, or taking the kids to school and those moments you are running from your car to store. The good news is we have already starting March!!! Yes March I can’t believe it!!! Spring is right around the corner, and I am fully ready for it.


With the start of spring and spring being known to be the start of something new and fresh, I decided that I would do something fresh and new to LeeAnne Rose Photography. Over the last little while you may have noticed a few different things that have changed and more things been linked to one and another to display more of my personal work. One of the most important things that have changed is the name. This was a heavy decision that I had to make and it took a lot of thought into it. Last year I had a lot of clients asking me what my name was and who I was. Even though my initials were used for the business I wanted to make it more personal for my clients so they would know who I am right from the start, so the name was changed to LeeAnne Rose Photography (formally L.A Photography). You may have also noticed that with the name change so has my logo. With all this change and new fresh look I am really looking forward to the official start of spring for us Canadians!!! Hope that comes sooner then later!!!!



LeeAnne Rose